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Measure the SAVINGS

We want to 'Measure the SAVINGS' of our members! We realize that sometimes bad things happen to good people…especially in these tough economic times. We want to help our members through consolidation loans that will save them money.

Take a closer look at your next credit card statement. Credit card companies are now required to tell you how long it will take to pay off your balance and what the total repayment amount will be if you make only minimum payments. You probably won't believe your eyes!

A consolidation loan with Natco Credit Union can possibly shave years off the repayment term and thousands off the repayment amount. Here are a few examples of how we have helped other members.

Example 1 saves $9,391.77 and 23 years

Example 2 saves $27,127.69 and 30 years

Example 3 saves $127,223.65 and 78 years

We would like to help you too! Apply online today or stop by one of ouroffices to speak with a Loan Service Representative.

Awarded Community Partner of the Year!

Natco Credit Union was recognized by the Richmond Rotary Club as the Community Partner of the Year.

During their Annual Celebration and Fundraising Picnic, we were presented with this beautiful award.

The Rotary Club recognized us for the many services we provide and things we do through the Natco Community Empowerment Center. Our staff actively works with other local organizations and agencies to help provide information and services that people in our community need.

We greatly appreciate the award and recognition.



Proud Sponsor of Relay for Life

Each year, Natco Credit Union sponsors our local Relay for Life events.  We are excited to announce that we surpassed our goal for the Wayne Count Relay for Life again in 2016!  Final totals are not available yet but the most recent total was $6,017.21.  Our goal was $5,000.

We appreciate all of the donations from our members. We raised money through collections in our offices; individual team member’s fundraising; selling items like candles, candy, lanyards, tumblers and bracelets; games at the event and even from having each other arrested during the ‘Jail n’ Bail!’. Soon we will have the 2016 total for the Fayette County Relay for Life. 

We look forward to participating in both events next year!

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