Making Change Savings

Making a change isn't always easy but with our Making Change Savings program, you can save for things that are important to you! Whether it's a new outfit, the latest phone or even saving for the down payment on a car, new apartment or even a house, every little bit helps! Our Making Change Savings program allows you to easily save money with every debit card transaction you make.

It's easy to participate
You will need a Natco Credit Union checking account with a debit card(s) and a savings account*.

Saving while you spend
When you enroll in our Making Change Savings program, we will round up the amount of each debit card transaction to the next whole dollar amount, and transfer the excess amount from your checking account to your savings account*.

Every time you use your Natco debit card to pay for everyday purchases like that morning cup of coffee or soda, a tank of gas, groceries or anything else, you're automatically adding up to more savings for yourself.

So if you make a purchase for $6.57, you will see two debits in your checking account – one for $6.57 and the other for $0.43. You will also see a credit in your designated savings account for $0.43.

*As the participant, you designate which of your savings account will be tied to this program.

Terms and Conditions
When you enroll in our Making Change Savings program, we round up the amount of any debit card purchase by you or a joint owner of your checking account to the next whole dollar amount. We then transfer the excess amount of the purchase from your checking account to the savings account you have designated. This could be your regular savings, special savings, vacation club, Christmas club or even your Kasasa Saver account.

Each use of your debit card, will result in two debits posting to your checking account and one credit to your designated savings account.

If at any time you do not have sufficient funds available in your checking account for the additional round up, we will not post that part of the transaction. Only the actual debit amount will post.

If a purchase made with your debit card is reversed or returned, only the original debit amount will be refunded. You will not see a reversal of the round up amount.

Enrollment in the Making Change Savings program may be cancelled by you or the credit union at any time. This program is available only on the debit cards linked directly to your Natco checking account.

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